iMold Solutions: Intelligent plastic injection molding

Knowing where your parts are manufactured is the cornerstone of any good plastic injection project and SPG knows that better than anyone. As a manufacturer and expert in every area of the process, SPG can develop a full range of project types.



IML Solutions decided to create its IML department in Ibi (Alicante), where the brand’s experts develop and manufacture the molds for internal use.

This has resulted in a high degree of knowledge and know-how, which translates into good results, an expertise that it has now decided to share with other customers by producing plastic injection molds. Together with the other SPG divisions, this now allows us to deliver completely turnkey projects.

So what is iMolds? It is the SPG’s mold design and manufacturing company with a multidisciplinary team of professionals who offer end-to-end design, monitoring and implementation of any type of mold project the customer needs; we even cover early project phases, from concept and simulation to prototyping.

The manufacturing workshop uses DMG Mori equipment and has a mold-testing area equipped with the company’s own technicians and injection machines.



Anyone in the plastics industry knows that working with well-designed, well-constructed, robust molds is the key to success of a good product and project. iMolds has taken the industry a step further by developing intelligent molds, offering the customer a much higher level of information for quicker and easier decision-making, thus minimizing production costs.

The iMold, or intelligent mold, works by collecting all the information about the injection and mold, using software to process all that data and delivering an output that includes the process status, making it to possible to anticipate any type of preventive maintenance, avoiding errors and breakdowns and therefore unexpected interruptions.



The input controls provided are the parameters that help manage the mold’s actual situation. These input values are the following.

  • Mold temperature
  • Injection pressures
  • Cycle and speeds
  • Vibrations
  • Mold integrity
  • Cooling system control


Hot chamber optimization



All parameters can be monitored independently using a single interface and can also be integrated into a 4.0 industry system, which harnesses augmented reality to remotely control the system from anywhere in the world, storing information in the cloud, etc

Results: Optimization – Monitoring – Globalization



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