In regard to the global pandemic situation caused by Coronavirus COVID-19, Solutions Plastic Group wants to release the following statement:   Our production lines are, as per today, March, 16th 2020, fully operational. We are aware of the commitment we have with por customers and with the society itself, as long as our company is…

iMold Solutions: Intelligent plastic injection molding

Knowing where your parts are manufactured is the cornerstone of any good plastic injection project and SPG knows that better than anyone. As a manufacturer and expert in every area of the process, SPG can develop a full range of project types.     IML Solutions decided to create its IML department in Ibi (Alicante),…

Electric vs. hydraulic plastic injection molding machines: advantages, uses and benefits for your business

Electric plastic injection machines have been on the market for years and have gradually improved over time; now sold at lower prices and in an expanded range of sizes and tonnages, they are used more often by plastic parts manufacturers worldwide than hydraulic machines. At SPG we are experts in manufacturing the E-Series, high-quality and…

Specialized robotics for IML

Robotics is a division of SPG created, as we have often heard, in response to a need. In this case, it was created when IML Solutions joined SPG (Solutions Plastic Group), created to deliver high-level technical solutions and rapid implementation, harnessing the power of its diverse fleet of robots to increase production efficiency. Specialized in…

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